Learn HTML in One Video | HINDI

Learn HTML in One Video | HINDI (Free Course)

In this video, we will learn HTML basics in one video.  In this video, we will cover all the concept of HTML like,

·         what is HTML?

·         what software is required to code HTML?

·         example of HTML, CSS javascript.

Source Code : https://github.com/LearnCodeWithDurge...

We will cover almost all important tags of an element like

·         comments in html

·         heading tag , h1 , h2 ,h3 , h4 , h5 , h6

·         paragraph tag

·         head tag

·         title tag

·         body tag

Structure of HTML page

·         hyperlink

·         anchor tag

·         how to go from one page to another page

·         how to put an image in html

·         img tag

·         lists in HTML

·         ordered list

·         unordered list

·         button tag

·         submit tag

·         reset tag

·         attributes in HTML

HTML formatting elements

·         bold text

·         strong tag

·         superscript

·         subscript

·         video-tag

·         embed youtube video

·         iframe tag

how to put another page inside our HTML page.

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